Do you have a Liquor License?

Great question, it depends. If we are simply serving the beverages you are supplying, we do not need to carry a liquor license. However, if we are working a cash bar at your event we will get and carry a liquor license. We will work through this process with you. Speaking of licenses, our staff members are Licensed Bartenders and we do carry Liquor Liability and General Liability Insurance. 

How much does Bev cost?

We have a 3 hour $650 minimum for weddings and a 5 hour $1,200 for corporate events. Not getting married? Don't own a corporation? We love to party for any reason! Send us details such as location, number of guests, hours needed, and occasion and we will build you a custom quote.  

Where are you based out of and how far do you travel?

Maximum distance traveled for weddings is 60 miles from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

What do you wear?

We take your events occasion and coordinate attire based on your expectations. Fancy, laid back, or somewhere in middle - we aim to please.

Does the event have to be outside?

We can work events indoor and outdoor as long as there is width for us to pull Bev inside. She’s not quite 36-24-36 but she can fit into many indoor venues.


What is required to bring Bev to our party?

We need a space of about 10 feet wide x 18 feet long x 10 feet high for Bev, and more space for your guests.  Bev also requires an electrical hook up or use of a generator.  

Are we able to take pictures with Bev?

She is not bashful at all; bride and groom can get photos inside. All the attendees can take photos outside. We do graciously ask that you post these on social media tagging us @BevtheBARbarian and using the hashtag #WhereisBev

Do you do cash bars?

Yes! We can provide a cash bar at almost any event.