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What We Do.

Bev the BARbarian are vintage mobile bars for hire that were rebuilt from an original 1958 Comet Camper and a 1965 Phoenix Camper. What started as an attempt to get into “glamping” soon turned into inspiration for one of our favorite past times, yes you guessed it, drinking and hanging out. From full front service bars to the keg lines inside, Bev the BARbarian campers have everything for your special event. Take it from us; the bar at any venue or event is always the most important. Stand out with our vintage mobile bar offerings. Let us make your special event unique and give your guests something they will remember.


When we pull in, the party will begin!

How Bev Works.

1. We customize.
We work with you to build a bar menu to fit your needs. 


2. You shop.

We do not have a liquor license, which means we cannot purchase alcohol for you. But don't worry- we do everything else for you! We give you a list of types and amounts of alcohol to purchase and direct you to some awesome places to purchase from.


3. We pull in.

We pull one of our "canned ham" camper to you, set up shop and let the magic happen.


4. The party begins.

We mix and serve custom cocktails. 

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